Eyecandy Art Group


Photography is our passion. Over the years we have produced for a host of celebrity photographers that accept nothing less than exceptional quality. All of the media we use at Eyecandy has been tested in the lab for Ph levels and lightfast qualities, to ensure the highest quality of product. It is because of these measures that we have taken that we are recommended by the Fine Art Trade Guild.

We continue to support professionals from all areas of photography, from Gold Star award winners to independent studios across the country. We have streamlined our product range and have an efficient business model that allows us to deliver outstanding guaranteed quality coupled with exceptional prices.

We are proud to be able to pass these benefits onto the keen amateurs and pros who wish to publish their work, and have been told many times “we are so glad we found you after years of different suppliers!”

Our aim is to support you as much as we can by listening to your requirements and working with you to achieve your goals. We can offer you a complete service from the inception of the order through to global distribution if it is required. We also offer a brochure that can be branded with your details, and this can be utilised within your business to help increase turnover and to promote the products to old and new customers alike.

No matter what the enquiry, please feel free to contact us to determine how we can help you.